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My goal is for you to feel safe being who you are now and becoming who you want to be. Sometimes it helps to see someone else's challenges, plans, processes, and victories. Thanks for joining me on this journey.

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A Bit Of Holiday Peace (and perhaps some joy too!)

Everyone has their own experience of the holidays. Just like we have our own experiences of EVERYTHING. We even have our own definitions of what the holidays include! 

It seems the more people I speak with, though, there is a theme for many of them....stress and anxiety mixed in with the other more enjoyable flavors.

I've been writing a holiday blog series for Leigh Danial Family Law's website - hoping to help folks who are going through some major life changes and challenges to find more peace this holiday season. I'm sharing the first two blogs in the series here with you now...check back again for the next one!

Are Expectations Making You Dread the Holidays?

Are you dreading the holidays this year?

You’re not alone. According to Charity Clinic,

“Many people actually dread the holiday season and would prefer to avoid it altogether. According to a survey, 45% of those people living in the United States would choose to skip out on the holidays, rather than deal with...

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What To Do When Things Seem To Be Falling Apart

Nature's Wisdom

 Has life been a bit more challenging for you recently? When the world seems hard, chaotic, and even dangerous, and I feel it must clearly be falling apart around me, I turn to nature to remind me of big truths. For example, I love how nature shows us that some things fall apart EVERY YEAR …and then usually grow back again, sometimes bigger or stronger (or maybe more fruitful) than the year before.

Another example: the moon grows for half a month and shrinks for half a month. Every single month it looks like it’s becoming something whole and complete; then, the very next day after it shows us its full and powerful beauty, it immediately starts shrinking! If you only lived for two weeks, you would have a very different understanding of the moon. Your limited perspective would only see part of the truth of the moon’s monthly transformation. Would you be able to trust that it will become whole if all you’ve ever known is it shrinking?


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What If We Experiment With An Irreverent (but very Relevant) Approach to Ho'oponopono?

 Trigger Warning About the F Word

This blog is going to be heavy with the F word. So if that bothers you or feels like violence to you...please stop reading here and return to your day with my blessing. If you're cool with the F word, rock on!

The Dream of RV Living and Campground Adventures

I was thinking about the possibility of going on a long RV adventure after I sell my house. I wanted to be able to keep teaching and playing with folks at the different campgrounds, so I was thinking of what to offer that would be fun and helpful. I started by remembering all the fun interactive songs and skits we used to teach at LA County Outdoor Science School campfire nights with the fifth and sixth grade students who came up from the city for a week of science in the mountains. 

I was thinking of making a program and offering it to campgrounds...where I either teach their staff how to lead the songs or I would lead them when I was camped at their location. That felt really fun and...

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How to Be Productive at Work While Staying True to Yourself


Quick Work Tip!

How to Feel Better At Work Every Day

Did you know that every facet of you can bring benefit and support to your work? Every part of you is needed and bringing all of yourself to your work will make you exponentially more successful!

Deepen Your Connection to Your Values and Strengths

This video will help you tap into your true authentic self so you can connect to that when you make decisions and perform work-related tasks. 

Benefits of the Video: 

Learn how to stay focused and connected at work.

Get more joy and ease out of work by bringing your strengths and values with you!

Make every day "Bring Yourself to Work Day"

 Video Highlights: 

01:00 Message from an otter: Choose playfulness!

02:28 My business tip for this week: Remember who you are and then try and bring that to your work today and every day in whatever way that you can.

02:55 How to remember who you really are.

04:07 How to access your strengths when you need them most...

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"Let Us Help You Heal"

A new Akashic reading adventure

I was walking by the lake a while back when the idea came to me to do Akashic readings of different beings in nature and some manmade things. I almost immediately did a reading for Seneca Lake. But I didn't write down any of my notes at the time so I don't remember what I learned specifically. I do remember I felt loved. Like, Deeply Loved. So, maybe that's the most important thing to remember, anyway. 

I forget, then remember

I fully intended to do lots of readings. But I completely forgot the idea. For months. And then maybe a few more months. Maybe even a year? I can't remember for sure, actually. But eventually, I did remember again. I had about 30 minutes of free time between things on my agenda last week. I sat on the couch with my journal and my Akashic Tarot cards. I think I was going to do a reading for myself...then I looked out the back window and saw the Great Oak Tree. Ki* had been through a lot - we trimmed ki's branches about...

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What If Peace Begins With Me?


I Dream A Lot

I think I've mentioned before that dreams are a way of life for me. I dream every night and remember many of them - as many as five or six dreams in one night. I don't write them all down anymore. It would take me half the day to keep a full dream journal. So now I just note the ones that seem important and remember those. Some of them are just for me - to reassure me or guide me. And some are  meant for me to share with the world. This is one of those dreams....

A Powerful Dream

I was watching my father - it was some evil version of him - as he began a ritual sacrifice of a kind and loving priest. I was sad and scared. He was at the center of something shaped l ike either an octopus or a sun with squiggly lines - it felt like it was underground or just windowless. And from the center where he was, many "arms" or "rays" radiated outward. They were lined with a dirty yellow tile,  kind of like a subway in NYC. But the arms were narrow - only one person could...

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Experiencing Awe helps you feel Awesome! How cool is that?

I recently discovered a website with multiple articles about the science of awe. They look at what awe is...what creates that feeling in us... and what the benefits are of feeling awe. 
You can find all three articles highlighted  and linked in my What If Wellness Facebook posts and in my Instagram feed. I highly recommend you check them out.
I also did this short Nature Nudge about the topic because...guess what?? The science says that just watching short clips of beautiful scenery inspires the viewer to feel awe. So simple! So many benefits! I post 15-30 second Reels on Instagram almost daily that you can use to feel better anytime you want to. 
Check out the video for a quick overview of the study of awe and learn ways you can beneft from a daily dose!
Click on the link below: 
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A post shared by Curiosity Mindset Expert (@whatifwellness)

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Tip for Hearing Impaired Folks During Pandemic (Especially Lip Readers)

Do people all sound like Charlie Brown's teacher to you? Do you usually rely on reading lips to understand folks? Has the pandemic been incredibly challenging for you because of inability to communicate with folks when out of your house?

I had the same challenge and after almost a year of frustration, it suddenly occured to me that I could use the Otter app and read what folks are saying as they are saying it and actually be able to respond to them instead of guessing what they are saying or just nodding and smiling! [Don't get me wrong...sometimes I still nod and smile, just for different reasons!]

In this video I explain how to use it to make life make a little more sense when you're hearing impaired.

Note: I always ask folks if they are okay with me using it for transcription because it's also a recording app so everything they say will be in an audio file and in a written file. I have never had anyone say "No" to my using the app.

I find it especially helpful in health care...

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Zoom Tip! How to enable automatic closed captions in Zoom

Did you know that any Zoom meeting can have free automatic live transcription? 

This video gives you the steps to take to activate the free closed captioning of your live Zoom call. It's a very simple process, but sometimes it's nice to have a human show you instead of just reading the FAQs about it on the Zoom help page. you go! 

Note: If you want the written transcription to follow along with the video, please reach out to me at [email protected] and I will send you the document. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Also - here's the link to the official instructions from Zoom! This info also has more details about different types of users that might be helpful to you.

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Safety Lesson # 1 – Listen to Your Intuition


Listen to the Full Story of the Abduction Here

When I was in college, I chose the adventure of doing a semester abroad in Liberia, West Africa in the Fall of 1989. I went there on a gut feeling knowing that it was the right thing for me. It was, but not in the way I expected when I chose to go.

In my first month in Liberia, I was in Monrovia (the capital city, a few hours away from the college) to buy supplies and wanted to go out for an evening at the club that my Liberian roommate had made sound so exciting. Before I left the hotel to look for the club, I had a feeling that something was going to go wrong that night so I hid my money in my hotel room – in four or five different places in the room. Did I listen to that gut feeling and stay in? No, of course not. I went out with the friend that had come to Monrovia with me.

We made a bad choice of streets to search first for the cool club…Gurley Street. We did not find the club. Instead we were found by a rogue soldier...

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