WHAT IF We Celebrate Together?

Turn stressful days into meaningful connection, joy, and success

Helping you create personal empowerment, meaningful connection, and community impact with a simple membership that joyfully celebrates your success, offers you encouragement along the way, and gives you a path to join together to engage in making positive change.

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In a recent survey, Founding Members said:


"I love this group because I can safely open my heart. I am always uplifted by the end, and filled with new ideas and inspiration to put into practice to improve my life and those close to me."


The group is..."Welcoming, practical, open to everyone, ideas reinforced, great exchange of information, supportive, uplifting."


The group is..."Exactly what we need!"




Practice, Celebrate, Connect, Create 

Is there something you keep trying to do, but can't quite make yourself do it ... as often, as intensely, as consistently as you'd like?

Do you want to exercise more? Make more art? Play more? Eat according to a certain diet/program? Practice tapping? Practice reiki? Practice singing?? Practice forgiveness? 

Do you know what you want to be doing, but can't seem to make yourself do it alone?

What if you had a cheering squad? What if you knew that every week, you could share your successes and your challenges and you'd be cheered on and supported to lean more fully into whatever your chosen practice is?

Would that help you be/do/become more of what you want?

What if you join me in this weekly membership program to experiment and find out if it does make a difference?? If weekly is too much for you - just show up as often as you want! Biweekly or monthly is just as good as weekly if that's what YOU want! 

For as low as $22/month (you choose your price - $22, $33, or $44/month), you will have the opportunity for a weekly 30-45 minute Zoom meeting where we share our goals and celebrate each other's success and support each other in our challenges. 

We may not all be practicing the same thing - and that's okay! The goal is to practice whatever we most want to add/deepen in our lives and then come together to celebrate it! 

If we have challenges with the practice, we can give each other the support we need to move through them. 

The key is that we will do it Together. We will state our goals, share our experiences, celebrate our baby steps and giant leaps (and thus strengthen our neural networks that make the practice even easier next time!), and help each other truly grow into who we most want to be.

While this is a connection-focused group, not a membership to fill your heads with a lot of new content, I will be offering some key content as a benefit of membership!

All members will have free access to my Happy Landings online course (and we can practice it together!). You will also have access to recordings of other things I teach such as my intro course into Jenn Style Tapping (using curiosity and celebration) and my class about making your own What If card! 

Your participation in this membership will not only shape you, but it will influence the community we are co-creating. 

As part of the co-creation, we will also select a project that we can all work toward together - a fundraiser? a letter writing project? We will brainstorm and create something together!

It's another experiment! I love that we have no idea how it will develop --- it will feel like magic because it will grow out of our own hopes and dreams.

So far, most of the meetings have been on Sunday night at 6:30 pm EST. I'll be adding a weekday morning and a weekday late evening soon too!.

My goal is to keep the connection meetings short and powerful  - 30 to 45 minutes. If folks want to stay longer, I'll be happy to do hang out longer! 

I also offer tapping, curiosity questions, and other tools to help break through any of our resistance to success - or just facilitate the discussion and celebrations! You will help me know what you most want and need and we'll do what serves the group best!

When I do content meetings - like the Infinite Possibilities series or the Letting Go program - the meetings will usually be longer and go deeper into what we each most need.

I know this all sounds great and maybe you think it will be way too expensive for you - but  you'd be wrong!

I'm offering weekly live sessions, a community group where you support each other (current members wanted to just connect via email but we may add a group platform later!), the recorded classes, and live classes as they come up...all for a simple pay what you can option of $22/month, $33/month, ,or $44/month!

I'm offering the membership at this super low price so as many folks can become founding members as possible! I will likely raise the price after we have at least 11 members - but founding members will have your chosen rate for as long as you choose to practice (and play!) with us. 

I'm truly grateful for your interest and your commitment to being who you most want to be while benefiting the world around you!

Hi, I'm Jennifer Sutton, curiosity mindset expert! I help transform your thinking from a place of fear, panic, worry, or anxiety into results-oriented solutions. The return on investment from my signature process has helped businesses, team leaders, HR managers, professors, and more lead their employees, team members, constituents, and students to achieve more success through creativity and confidence.


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Wendy Sells, Retired Nurse, ROI Program Participant

Immensely Effective!! Jennifer is authentic, epically intelligent and has the most contagious laugh! She puts her heart into helping others and unconditionally gives hope to everyone who she encounters! Her "What if?" cards and tapping sessions appear uncomplicated but are immensely effective!! She knows exactly how to help and is exactly what you need!! 

Sneak Peek at Membership Details:

  • Weekly Zoom calls (join as many or as few as you want!).
  • Access to Jennifer's existing online courses (right now that's the Happy Landings class and a Jenn Style Tapping class that I will share in our online group. It is a simple MP4 file so it will be easy to access - but it's two hours long so I can't just email it to you!).
  • Free participation in upcoming online/Zoom classes/workshops (this is where you'll save lots of money! I'm offering a wide range of online classes in the coming months and you can attend any and all of them for free via your membership!).
  • Participation in an online community (we started with just an email group but I'm open to looking into other group connection options such as Mighty Networks or perhaps my Kajabi platform. I am happy to create whatever venue is most desired by the group - my goal is engagement in whatever way is most comfortable for the group members!)  
  • Ongoing opportunities to create deeper connection wit yourself (your truth, your feelings, etc.).
  • Additional meetings/online discussions to cultivate connectiton with others.
  • Links to other resources to go deeper.
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Use the weekly calls to:

  • Influence transformational shifts in how we work, communicate, and grow.
  • Develop a growth mindset and cultivate creativity vital to navigate challenges.
  • Help you feel better immediately and ignite your creativity on a daily basis.


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I'd like to join with the monthly founder's rate of $33/month
I'd like to join with the monthly founder's rate of $44/month