From formless, stressful days into meaningful connection and productivity

Helping leaders and teams to create community, meaningful connection, and confidence with a simple daily practice that takes them out of fight-or-flight mode into a flexible, solutions-oriented mindset.

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A recent New York Times article notes: 

"Employers are finding their workers atomized and agitated, and are looking for guidance to bring them back together. Now the sacred consultants are helping to usher in new rituals for shapeless give employees routines that are imbued with meaning."




Business Owner

Business owners managing operations and helping employees manage heightened levels of stress and anxiety amid significant change in society and the marketplace.


Instructors and support staff figuring out how to smoothly serve stressed out students via in-person, remote, and hybrid classes with continuity and efficacy.

HR Manager

Human resource managers helping employees transform formless days working from home into meaningful and productive experiences to build career and home success.


✅A fine-tuned method used to stay on track in challenging situations for quicker results.

✅A simple tool that helps expand creativity around any topic for more effective outcomes in as little as 5 minutes.

✅The knowledge on how to reduce anxiety within 15 minutes for improved performance for increased productivity.

✅A go-to exercise that anyone can do to bring them out of doubt and into ease and flow.

✅A proven process to boost confidence and infuse positive energy and magnify feelings of hope and trust!



You can learn my simple process to add form and more meaning to your day. This fact is reason enough to begin this practice!

The fantastic news is that this practice also supports your team's goals by increasing curiosity and helping them find new creative solutions to their challenges that are authentic to your organization and meet the needs of the people you serve.

Your team needs more than sales goals or other business goals. People are asking bigger questions now and need their work life to support their overall growth. Let me teach you and your team a valuable practice that will help you become more effective and more fulfilled in these uncertain times.

Deb Denome, Executive Director, Shimmering Light Farm

Focus on What We Want: “Jennifer’s joyful presence and powerful coaching have been infectious in our organization. Releasing whatever holds us back and then focusing our powerful intentions on what we DO want (vs, the “problems”) in our work and lives is profoundly freeing. People make leaps and bounds forward!” 

Stress-relief, flexible thinking, and new solutions 


I’ve seen people who had no solutions to problems that seemed like the end of the world in that moment...who felt like they only had “bad” options to overcome this terrible thing….move from fear and worry into peace and creativity by taking simple, well-thought out steps into a new way of thinking about it. Sometimes that entails just reading a list of pre-made questions to give them instant relief. They are able to reframe the issue and feel confident in taking the steps necessary to tackle it, even though nothing has actually changed about the situation they are facing.

It feels like magic! But in reality, it’s brain science and individual willingness to try something new with ease and flow.

My workshops and process give folks more confidence to actually try new ideas or to reach out to others to collaborate. Things that seemed “crazy” or “out of the box” become reasonable, doable, and achievable.

Hi, I'm Jennifer Sutton, a curiosity mindset expert, who helps transform someone’s thinking from a place of fear, panic, worry, or anxiety into results-oriented solutions. The return on investment from my signature process has helped businesses, team leaders, HR managers, professors, and more lead their employees, team members, constituents, and students to achieve more success through creativity and confidence.

Luc Watelet, Therapist and Author

Making Things Lighter, More Joyful: "Jennifer has a gift for laughter and making things lighter, more joyful...When people feel overwhelmed, they tend to be too serious and can’t see any ways to lighten up. Jennifer has the key to lightheartedness and has a gift to take you there with her while helping you resolve your issues." 


Jennifer's signature curiosity practice, called Results-Oriented Inquiry (ROI), is a series of brain-and-body-opening exercises to feel better almost immediately about a problem that must be taken on. These exercises trigger a new brain process of filtering information that allows one to expand from repetitive, suppressive thoughts into outside-the-box solutions.

The ROI process activates your brain’s neuroplasticity capacity to move from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset, engaging your “wonder brain” to shift into positive curiosity.

We use a combination of:

  • Curated queries focused on the end result desired and...
  • Tapping techniques to shift the brain and body into a flexible learning state that supports that end result.

Sample Question #1

This card is drawn from the teaching that saying what you mean and meaning what you say is key to deep connection.

Sample Question #2

This card is drawn from research that shows focusing on desired outcomes has the greatest power in any situation.

Sample Question #3

This card is based on leadership teaching that focuses on the importance of courage and kindness.


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Wendy Sells, Retired Nurse, ROI Program Participant

Immensely Effective!! Jennifer is authentic, epically intelligent and has the most contagious laugh! She puts her heart into helping others and unconditionally gives hope to everyone who she encounters! Her "What if?" cards and tapping sessions appear uncomplicated but are immensely effective!! She knows exactly how to help and is exactly what you need!! 

Sneak Peek at Customized Workshops to Learn the ROI Practice:

  • Five days of 15-minute mini-shift curiosity sessions (unlimited attendance) to let you experience the shift that is possible
  • One 90-minute kick-off session with your team (up to 30 team members)
  • Three 60-minute follow-on group coaching sessions (up to 15 team members per session)
  • Fifteen additional days of mini-shift sessions 
  • "What If" Leadership E-decks for each team member included.
  • Access to Email Resource - Includes pre-written emails for each "What If" card (with self-reflection questions and suggestions for how to use the card and reflections to connect with co-workers and/or other people in your life), videos explaining the research/inspiration behind the card, resource lists related to the research, and short entertaining videos that help folks understand the concept of the card and how to use it in their daily life for work and/or personal success. 
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Leaders like you use the ROI Curiosity Practice to:

  • Influence transformational shifts in how we work, communicate, and grow.
  • Develop a growth mindset and cultivate creativity among teams vital for businesses as they navigate challenges.
  • Help staff feel better immediately and ignite their creativity on a daily basis.

Happy leaders report:

✅ Feeling more relaxed and happier during and following each meeting and after mini-sessions.

✅ Reporting increased productivity and positive feelings between meetings.

✅ Benefiting from reduced cortisol levels and increased focus.


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Reach out, tell me your challenges, and we'll see if the Curiosity Practice is a fit for your team!


I'll share a few customized "What if" questions that your team can use immediately, whether you book a training or not!

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